One-stop-shop for suistainable full turnkey agricultural complexes: pigs, poultry, dairy, aquaculture and qreenhouse

AgriGo Group is a global
EPC & EPCM contractor
and integrator for turnkey
agricultural solutions in
livestock, aquaculture

About AgriGo

AgriGo Team: addressing food security challenge. Globally. Together.

  • Engineering solutions to increase profitability and efficiency.
  • Proactive result-oriented management by expert team in every field of agriculture.
  • €900+ M for dozens completed and ongoing projects
  • 25+ years of tailor-made turnkey projects development
  • 400+ employees in 5 offices in Europe, Asia and Middle East
Partnership advantages

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Management

AgriGo Group undertakes full responsibility for seamless integration of every stage of the project development from feasibility study, business plan development, engineering and financing solutions to earthworks, construction, equipment supply and installation - up to the actual project launch and follow-up expert management.

Feasibility Study global trends analysis;
local potential assessment;
site location scouting.
Business Planning financing solutions;
securing of investments;
grants and subsidies.
Engineering architectual and technological design.
Permits and Certification full compliance per local standarts and legislation.
Equipment supply and maintenance;
engineering solutions;
technologies and know-how.
Construction groundworks;
full engineering integration.
Project launch installation and setup;
commissioning of all systems.
Management after launch expert operational support;
personnel training.
High-Tech solutions

Tailor-made solutions for sustainable projects

AgriGo provides tailor-made high-tech solutions for profitable, efficient, innovative and planet-friendly projects in every field of agriculture, while always keeping the environment safe thanks to biosecurity barrier applied around and integrated management systems:

  • Integrated construction solutions
  • Smart ventilation
  • Sensitive heating
  • Monitoring and automation
  • Advanced feeding and drinking systems
  • Biosecurity systems, waste treatement and environmental protection
  • Decision-support systems and big data analysis

AgriGo Team Projects

Tailor-made concepts with all necessary specific engineering, construction, and expert management solutions to optimize production and ensure highest possible bottom-line, while maintaining top comfort of the livestock, birds, fish and plants.

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01 / 08
Pig Integration with Feed Mill 32 000 heads / year 4 000 T live weight meat / year Open project
Pig Integration 100 000 heads / year 12 000 T live weight meat / year Open project
Pig Integration with Feed Mill 32 000 heads / year 4 000 T live weight meat / year Open project
Layers Integration 600 000 layers, 180 000 000 eggs/yr Open project
Sturgeon Recirculated Aquaculture System 100 000 kg of sturgeon, 4 Т of black caviar Open project
Salmon Hatchery and Nursery 12 000 000 pcs smolt and post-smolt Open project